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Oliver B – Dica EP on Obstacles Recordings.

Hey everyone stay tuned for the upcoming Dica EP on Obstacles Recordings. This one is a progressive blaster with two amazing remixes. OBR are at the front-line of progressive house and techno in WA and Australia. Check out OBR’s other releases, I know you’ll love them.

DJ and Live Sets

Started uploading DJ mixes, enjoy.

Oliver B – Funky FX Driven Madness

Old tunes and mixes.

Don’t worry, I’ll upload all my old tunes and as usual they will be available for free. Will remaster the best and the most downloaded tunes and upload them soon. This time all tunes will be in 320kbps quality. If you still would like to have all tunes you can visit and download them all (128kbps mp3).

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