Oliver Blazevic aka Oliver B, Fractal Nature, Sancho and Aluna started to produce music in the early nineties in Germany.  1993 trance/techno tape from his older sister changed his life.

The Beginning

As he was playing keys since he was a kid, he got an Amiga with Protracker and started to produce, low quality results but a lot of fun, better to say he was addicted. Standard way of getting into production.

As the time passed he got better equipment and started to produce music on a more professional level. One aspect from Oliver’s music remained the same, no usage of loops of any kind everything you hear is been played and programmed.

Having performed live for the first time in 1994 school in Germany , playing two synths at the same time he knew that music will play a big part in his life. Around the mid nineties he started getting interested in Goa/Psy trance.


In 1996 he recorded his first album TRS, a compilation of his best tracks at that time. Produced with two synths and a mixer it was more of a compilation of learning the trade and learning sound design. It was the the year he heard Hypnotizm played in a Nightclub, DJ Peter Heller made one 16 old hobby producer very happy. Recording of CD’s was possible thanks to Patrick Launhardt a longtime friend and a PC/Amiga tech and electronics expert.

1997 album VIZIONER was a different compilation, trance, psy and breaks, the sounds of that album. More experimental album with some advanced midi programming and hardware sequencing. This album defined Olivers sound.

1998 album PHASE 3 was the last recorded in Germany, this was almost a mainstream compilation with trance, breaks and for a change few house tracks. Lots of input came from friends, he explored different styles to expand his production technoques. Tracks like Nirvana remained in the background until 2002, when he got some interest from labels in the UK and set the download servers on fire.

1999-2002 Few single independent releases and a switch from hardware to software DAW’s and the virtual world of sound.

2002-2009 Singles released on Reactor Records and on free music service websites. Live act with live keys, ableton live and controllers.

2010 Oliver released Sancho – Polar Season EP and PsyOP – Psychedelic Operations EP on Psydonia Records.

2011 Oliver B – Sunshine EP. Oliver continues with his music addiction, progressive trance/house, techno, tech house and psytrance play the biggest role in his productions these days.

Embracing both hardware and software Oliver’s latest trips to the world of sound are more experimental then ever, still he manages to apply his signature on both styles be it techno/prog or psy.  Since late 2009-2010 Oliver founded Psydonia Records stay tuned for more.

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